Top Financial Professionals Exchange Ideas at the 2019 LifePro University

Top Financial Professionals Exchange Ideas at the 2019 LifePro University

On September 12, 2019 we hosted our annual LifePro University to a jam-packed house of nearly 200 attendees – consisting of financial advisors, insurance carrier representatives, and some of the top industry experts all under one roof. The purpose of this event, and all LifePro events, is to provide our advisors with the tools, resources, and knowledge to create an executable plan that sets the tone for the months to come. 2020 will be here before we know it!

We have put together a quick recap and some key takeaways from each presenter at LPU 2019:


Ben Nevejans President LifePro

Investing in Your Practice in 2019!

Ben Nevejans
President, LifePro

Ben's presentation highlighted the variety of tools and resources LifePro advisors should focus on to help finish 2019 strong. He reminded us that in just ten short weeks it will be Thanksgiving, prompting the question, "What are you doing today to set yourself up for success going into the holidays?". Tools like the LifePro Wealth Builder IUL selling system, the Retirement Income Shortfall Analysis, and LifePro Asset Management are just a few of the resources he encouraged everyone in attendance to start taking advantage of.


David Zander

The Importance of Protected Lifetime Income During Retirement

David Zander, CFP®
Senior Education Advisor, Alliance for Lifetime Income

With over 44 years of experience in the financial services and insurance industry, David emphasized the importance of finding your USP, Unquie Sales Proposition. Without a USP, your clients will not be able to see what sets you apart from your competition and how you will bring value to their lives. He also shed light on the importance of shifting your conversations to more effectively communicate what is essential to your clients. Language can be a powerful selling tool!


Todd Petit

The Evolution of IUL: Avoiding the Dangers of History Repeating Itself

Todd Petit
AVP, Actuarial Product Development
Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America

The FIUL market has gone through some critical changes recently. One of the most significant is starting January 1, 2020; all FIUL products will need to comply with new regulations, shifting from the use of the older 2001 CSO Mortality Tables to the updated 2017 CSO Mortality Tables. Todd's presentation focused on how to navigate Allianz' new designs, best practices for determining your client's risk profile, setting appropriate expectations, and most importantly what do these changes actually mean for your clients.


Heather Ulz CEO of LifePro

A Partnership Built for Success

Heather Ulz
CEO, LifePro

As Ben Nevejans likes to refer to her The Heart of LifePro, Heather Ulz, spoke about LifePro's mission to make sure our advisors are independent but not alone. We are here to work both for you and with you. With tools including full back office support, engaged and motivated team, business building, marketing support, and education, the LifePro team is ultimately here for your success!


Bill Z

Collecting on a Life Insurance Policy Without Dying? Outrageous!

Bill Zimmerman
Founder and Chairman, LifePro

All LPU attendees were captivated by a surprise appearance of our Founder and Chairman, Bill Zimmerman. Bill Z spoke about his journey with ALS and the life insurance policy that helped him to pay for now essential medical procedures. This message was particularly inspiring for the advisors in the room that sell products just like this to their clients every day! He also emphasized the importance of maintaining a positive attitude, not in spite of your situation, but because of it. "You cannot lose if you don't give up!"


Don Blanton Communicate With Your Clients on a Much Higher Level Than Ever Before LifePro Summit 2019

The Personal Economic Model®: A Family’s Entire Financial Model in One Picture

Don Blanton
Founder/President, Moneytrax

Undoubtedly one of the most powerful communicators and well-known trainers in the financial industry, Don Blanton shares his proven insights and best practices. Don's presentation focused on how to make your clients into life insurance believers by honing in on the concept that information alone does not move people to action, and provided key takeaways to help shift your client's existing assumptions about life insurance.



Tips for Success in Every Aspect of Your Life

Coach Steve Fisher
Legendary Men’s Basketball Head Coach
San Diego State University/University of Michigan

The LifePro University keynote speaker, Steve Fisher, closed out the day with an inspirational message about the importance of taking the right risks, positive thinking, and having a career that doesn't feel like work. As the winningest coach in San Diego State Men's Basketball history, having amassed 386 Aztecs victories, Coach Fisher has had his share of successes. He spoke about his glass half full outlook on life and the significance of leaning on his family when it came time to make critical decisions. "I never make an important decision independently."

The financial industry, just like in any line of work, is about the people. Coach Fisher talked about the value a good reputation can bring to your practice and that true character is determined in stressful situations. Once you understand which things are out of your control you will be able to answer the question, "what do I do now?" and ultimately find success in life.


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