Case Management

Expedite the Sales Cycle from Submitted to Paid

Actively managing all cases - term, permanent, ltc or annuities - through the underwriting process

Life Insurance and Annuity Case Management, LifePro

As you sell life insurance and annuities, you face two sales cycles. The first one is the sale of the concept to the potential client. That one in itself could be time-consuming. And when you finally do close the sale, you discover that there is a whole other sales cycle of getting a case go from submitted to paid - that is the sale of that client to the insurance carrier.

After a case is submitted, the longer that case stays in the cycle, the more difficult it becomes to place the case (which ultimately leads to you getting paid!).

The quickest and most efficient way to have a case go paid is to monitor the activity of the case all throughout the cycle; making sure requirements are met, forms are up-to-date and all of the information is presented accurately.

"Desirée did an excellent job, as is usual, in representing our interests and clients. I am very thankful to work with her and the LifePro team in general."Chris N.California

By partnering with LifePro, you will have a personal case manager who will oversee all of the activity of each one of your cases. They are fully accessible and will accommodate your communication preferences, whether it be by phone or via email.

Regularly attending home office conference calls and continuing to stay educated on the latest innovations of case management, you can have full confidence in knowing that each one of your cases will be reviewed and monitored with complete accuracy.

Highlights from the Case Management Division:

  Average Case Activity

  • Same-day review of your submitted case  
  • Every case is "touched" at least once a week
  • Status reports are visible on your MyLifePro dashboard
  • Average 31 status reports per case 

  The Red Carpet Treatment

As an elite advisor, you receive a personalized update to each one of your cases per week!

This update is done by your designated case manager via a weekly report or a scheduled conference call with either you or your assistant. We like to call this "The Red Carpet Treatment".

  The End Result

With all of the responsibilities placed upon the case management division, the ultimate end result remains the same: get your case paid as quickly and efficiently as possible. It's as simple as that.

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