Solutions to the climbing costs of college

With tuition skyrocketing, parents of college-bound students face a wrenching financial decision: pour their savings into college tuition or burden their children or themselves with student loans. The good news is that there are ways to pay for college while protecting your client's retirement savings all at the same time.

An innovative approach to college funding

LifePro was among the first IMO to utilize indexed universal life, IUL, as a tool for college funding. Tax-free growth, tax-free distribution, and principal protection are among the many benefits of this financial vehicle. Given that every parent’s financial situation is unique and each student is equally as diverse, LifePro will provide you with the tools to exceed the expectations of both parties.


College Planning With Life Insurance

One of the major problems facing the U.S. higher education system is that many of the best students are not going to the top-tier universities they should be because they cannot afford the high tuition costs and they do not want to endure mortgage-like debt before they enter the work force. Many educational analysts believe this to be one of the leading reasons the United States ranks so poorly in higher education among industrialized nations. In this article, learn how life insurance can be used as an effective college funding strategy.

Are Suze Orman And Dave Ramsey Right?

Suze Orman vehemently states to never, ever buy life insurance for investment planning and especially not for college planning purposes. Dave Ramsey is another popular financial planner often quoted saying that owning a 529 while buying term and investing the difference is better for college planning. In this article, learn how despite these "expert" opinions, an IUL is a perfect and cost-effective college funding vehicle and should be included in a client’s balanced portfolio.

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