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You may think of LifePro as the "life shop". With the recognition of being one of the leading life insurance wholesalers in the industry, we wouldn't blame you.

However, we also heavily focus on annuities because we realize the importance of you having a partner that is able to offer both. Not only offer both, but provide the critical training and resources you need so that you can succeed in both markets.

It sometimes feels like everybody is selling annuities, doesn't it? And the market seems so saturated nowadays that the public is starting to build a resistance against annuities.

We're not just another annuity shop. We don't focus on the sale of an annuity, but rather focus around the process of the sale: the strategies on how to attract the best clients, the educational systems in-place to help you market and the formulated language necessary so you can break out of the annuity clutter.  

With the establishment of our innovative annuity strategies and the exclusive partnerships with top insurance carrier companies, such as being selected as an elite provider of Allianz Preferred products, LifePro has become the destination for independent financial professionals who are looking to take their annuity business to new heights.

Highlights from the Annuity Division:

  Average Case Size

Well above the industry average, the average size of an annuity case for elite advisors is $145,625. Many advisors have produced over $10,000,000 in annuity sales and periodically handle cases of over $1,000,000.

  Calculators & Comparison Programs

It's important to equip you with powerful calculators and comparison programs so you can confidently present annuity solutions to your clients and overcome any objections they may have. Below are just some of the annuity calculators and comparison programs we provide to you:

  • Annual Income Annuity Comparison: Compare the lifetime income from different annuities and see how that income can keep up with inflation.
  • CD vs. Annuity Comparison: Compare the returns you can expect from a CD against the different types of annuities.
  • Indexed Product vs. S&P 500 Hypothetical Historical Returns: Compare the account value of an indexed product against the historical market returns. Elite advisors regularly choose this as their most favored program. 
  • Lifetime Income: Calculate what return you would need to get in an investment to equal what you will receive in income from an annuity.

Each is uniquely designed so that you can easily input the scenario and instantly generate a report. The illustrations are a powerful tool and motivates your clients to move forward.

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  Real-Time Rate Watch

When searching for the best annuity solutions for your clients, it can sometimes be misleading with the marketing collateral insurance carriers distribute. Of course, they only want you to see the good. 

Click Here to View Up-to-the-Minute Annuity Rates

With our real-time annuity rate watch, you're able to view all of the annuity rates in one simple, easy-to-understand list. It's an unbiased comparison of each annuity and is also consumer-friendly so you can share this with your clients during an appointment.

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