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Experience matters.

Your clients consider experience to be one of the most important characteristics when choosing an advisor and so should you when you look to partner with a marketing organization.

In existence since 1986, LifePro has become recognized as one of the leading life insurance wholesalers in the financial industry. Regularly presenting to other marketing organizations on how to properly structure life insurance and seamlessly incorporate it into comprehensive financial plans - as well as being asked to be a part of a committee to design the next indexed universal life product - you can have full confidence in knowing that you're offering your clients the very best solutions and doing it in their best interest.

Since the inception of indexed universal life (IUL), being able to easily communicate its components and properly build a plan has been a struggle for most financial professionals. LifePro gives you all of the tools that you need - educational webinars, consumer marketing materials and videos, illustrations, coaching, and more - so that you can fully understand the options, dispel any myths, and become a champion for your clients.

LifePro will provide you with World-Class support as you make a difference in people's lives. We are in this industry to protect one's financial future under any unforeseen circumstances and always do what is in the best interest for the client. Always.

Highlights from the Life Insurance Division:

  Average Case Size

Our average life insurance target premium is $14,918.47which is well above the industry standard. With our sales concepts, support, and case design capabilities, our advisors frequently write cases well above $50,000 to $100,000.

  Number of Lives Protected

Often times, marketing organizations and financial professionals spend too much time discussing the commissions they receive rather than focusing on what the ultimate goal was for life insurance: protecting your loved ones from any unforeseen circumstances.

We're proud to say that we have protected over 42,410 lives!

  Amount of In-Force Death Benefit

As life insurance continually evolves, we cannot forget the one benefit that it ultimately provides: ensures the ones who depend on you to be able to maintain their standard of living if something should happen to you. Or in other words, a death benefit.

As of today, LifePro and its financial professionals have helped countless individuals to attain peace of mind in knowing that their loved ones can maintain their standard of living with over $20,041,694,027.62.

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