Accurate Delivery of Your Commissions

centralized tracking systems engineered to ensure accuracy and transparency

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As an independent financial professional, you wear a lot of hats. One of those hats should not be a commissions auditor.

We would like to think that insurance carriers have all of the systems in place to provide you with an accurate total of your commissions, but sometimes, the numbers just don't match up. That's why we have spent years developing a proprietary system that tracks all of the commissions made so that you get paid promptly and accurately.

With our accounting team representing you, they are able to monitor commissions and work behind-the-scenes as they catch any errors that might have been made to them. Most times, they catch the error and immediately resolve and correct it without even the advisor's awareness to the situation. This audit procedure is being done every day so that you can feel safe knowing that you are getting paid the full amount you deserve.

In addition to commission accuracy, you'll also be updated every month as you are given a bonus statement* that breaks down your production by carrier, premium and qualifying premium. This also helps you stay motivated and prepared as it illustrates how much bonus you are receiving and where you stand in reaching the next reward level.

*As part of the bonus program available to advisors participating in the LifePro Producers Group.

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