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Marketing for Financial Advisors, LifePro

Marketing can mean many things to many people. 

It can be a consumer brochure. It can be a customer relationship management system (CRM). It can be a logo. It can even be a sales system. No matter what the official definition of marketing may be, we believe it's the overall process of communicating the value of your services. In which case, it means everything listed above and much more.

You may have come across the term "marketers" with other organizations. These "marketers" are nothing more than recruiters who contact you to tell you about the latest and greatest product in the marketplace and how you can quickly make money from it. 

But that tactic never really accomplishes what marketing is all about. Products do not make you different nor does it make a significant imprint in your community that will last a lifetime. 

Here at LifePro, we have marketers. Real marketers. Marketers that devote their entire profession to staying educated on the latest strategies and apply those practices for you specifically in the financial industry. 

The specialties needed to perform such a comprehensive approach expand outside the realm of pure marketing. The systems designed to help you build your practice have been developed by information technology (IT) administrators, statistician masters, veteran graphic designers and brand engagement specialists.

It's deliberately done this way because your business will not survive on pure marketing tactics. You need the technology behind it to support the infrastructure. You also need the numbers to know that if what you're doing is working and you are receiving a substantial payoff to the investment.

A holistic approach that integrates the way you communicate with your target audience along with electronic systems that streamline your sales process. That's what marketing as an independent financial advisor is all about.

Highlights from the Marketing Division:

  MyLifePro CRM System

Connect to your clients and prospects like never before with the insurance-focused CRM system entitled "MyLifePro".

In this platform exclusively created for LifePro advisors, you will be able to:

  • View all client's illustrations and policy info 
  • Automated sales follow-up processes
  • Store all client information including birthdays
  • View all case reports
  • Notification of annual reviews
  • Track all new and old policies 
  • Detailed reports on MarketPro email campaigns
  • And much more!

  Featured Marketing Systems

  Sales, Education and Communications Collateral

With our licensed agreements with some of the most popular financial advisor marketing resources such as Forefield,you will have access to sales, education and client communication materials that will enable you to deliver current and concise resources to your clients.

 Below are just some of the many marketing materials that are available to you:

  • Concept pieces 
  • Presentations
  • Flyers 
  • Brochures
  • FAQs
  • And much more!
  • Sales letters
  • Calculators

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