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How would your clients finish the sentence, “Retirement to me is like…”? Is retirement like a death sentence or is it more like winning the lottery? How do you think these responses will impact someone who is considering retirement? We often use metaphors with our clients as they can be a powerful tool for empowering new and soon-to-be retirees to view their life after work under a new lens.

I’d like for us to take a moment to picture your retirement as your dream home. As you are considering building your perfect dream home, I’d like to take a step back and consider of all the steps that are involved in this extensive process.

Before any of the construction can take place, you need to identify where you want to live, including which states and cities you are considering. Do you want to be near the countryside with an open-range view, or do you desire being near the water? You can think of retirement in a similar way. Like a dream home, everyone’s view of retirement is a little different.

It’s important to identify what you want your retirement to look like based on your ideal lifestyle. Most people, when asked, really want to be able to spend comfortably in retirement without running out of money. Success in retirement isn’t about the amount of assets you’ve accumulated, but rather the most efficient way to generate as much income as possible.

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