Life Insurance Made Crystal Clear

The Most powerful sales and marketing presentation in the business

Established by Robert B. Ritter Jr. in 1983, InsMark provides illustration software and related marketing services for the insurance and financial services industry. Prior to the development of InsMark, Bob Ritter had been a general agent and independent broker who consistently qualified for MDRT’s Top of the Table. Bob realized that all his clients truly need is clarity of their financial situation and a clear, attainable path to achieving their goals. This is why he created the InsMark Reporting system.

Providing Your Clients With More Clarity

It’s a very typical scenario. LifePro just ran an awesome, detailed illustration from a carrier, and you are excited to show the report to your client. The truth of the matter is, if your client is unable to comprehend the 36-page report that was generated, the entire effort becomes meaningless. This is why LifePro has partnered up with InsMark.

The InsMark Reporting System provides supplemental reports that easily illustrate exactly what the client is receiving. These illustrations are easier for your clients to understand, helping you to close more cases. The InsMark system links to a growing list of over 85 premier life insurance carriers to ensure you can seamlessly communicate the complexities of any life insurance policy.

The Distinct Advantage Your Business Needs

InsMark’s product line utilizes a unique approach to illustrating all forms of cash value life insurance. Illustration design requires the coordination of three disciplines: actuarial, legal and creative presentation; and no system is good at mastering all three. InsMark deals solely with creative presentations – leaving actuarial and legal considerations to the carrier’s primary illustration system.

Separating the creative presentation from the actuarial number crunching gives InsMark – and its customers – a distinct advantage in software development. InsMark’s linking technology allows its research and development staff to concentrate on the artistic aspects of the presentation. Proving that this technique works, InsMark is the only illustration system consistently asked for by name by insurance producers in the field.

For over 25 years, InsMark has been creating easy-to-understand presentations that allow producers like yourself to show consumers the value of life insurance in meeting all of their financial goals.

Whether you’re working with a client that needs a basic, concise report containing summaries and visuals, or a client requesting a more complex, technical report containing ledgers and analytics, the InsMark Reporting system contains a variety of resources to take your business to the next level.

The InsMark Reporting system helps you work with your clients in more of an advisory role and less of a salesman or ‘product pusher’ role. By offering non-biased advice based on what’s best for your client, you are able to “sell” more insurance than most other groups. Additionally, this level of service produces more referred leads than the salesman-type approach, which is mostly transactional. 

Below are just a few of the many reports that could be available to you:

  • InsMark Compare 
  • IUL vs. Term Insurance and an Equity Account
  • Various Financial Alternatives
  • Charitable Giving Plan
  • Illustration of Values
  • Cost of Waiting to Buy Life Insurance
  • Dollars of Benefit for Pennies on the Dollar
  • IUL vs. Qualified Account
  • Executive Security Plan
  • Life Plan
  • Comparison of Insurance Plans
  • And much more!
“The InsMark software is indispensable to my entire planning process because it enables me to show my clients that inaction has a price tag. I can't afford to go without it!”
David M.
“InsMark helps us help our clients understand their money and their choices. I am always learning something new that changes what we do and how we can do it more efficiently. That translates to a better bottom line for us and for our clients. It’s making more money for everyone — just by pushing InsMark buttons on the computer. How great is that?!”
Kay C.
“InsMark has created without question the best suite of software for our industry that has ever existed. I personally have been using their software for almost 30 years, and it changed my career. InsMark makes me look good, and it will you as well.”
Simon S.

As a premier InsMark partner, LifePro has employed a full suite of InsMark illustration tools. For no additional fees, LifePro advisors can utilize these tools for their clients with the help of our fully trained, in-house team of InsMark support staff.

Or perhaps you’re thinking about directly implementing the InsMark system into your business. For a limited time, InsMark is offering LifePro referrals an 50% discount on many of their products, including system licenses! Contact the LifePro team at (888)543-3776 or to learn more!