A new and innovative way of thinking about qualified retirement plan assets and life insurance

Simply put, your client's assets are portable and don't have to remain locked within qualified plans. The Qualified Leverage Strategy follows existing codes and guidelines to strategically reposition qualified retirement plan assets and a portion of personal outside savings into a Roth and a life insurance policy.

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Qualified Leverage Strategy opens the door to a life insurance policy

A life insurance policy is a unique asset because it can be removed from a qualified retirement plan tax free if it is sold to the plan participant (or a trust) for the policy's fair market value. QLS takes advantage of this little known exception to set in motion a flexible, yet strategic sequencing of assets both inside and outside qualified retirement plans. The QLS custom plan designs can deliver one or more of the following results: greater retirement income, greater charitable endowments, and an increase of wealth transferred to heirs.

The Problem

The tax burden of accessing the money in qualified retirement plans

Retirement accounts such as IRAs, 401(k)s, and profit sharing plans are great for contributing pre-tax dollars and tax-deferred growth, but highly taxable at the time of withdrawal.

Typical Advice

What is the best way to get money out of qualified retirement plans? Advice has been the same for years

If your client needs money for retirement, you would typically advise them to: (1) spend it as needed, that's what it's there for, (2) limit withdrawals to the required minimum distribution (RMD) schedule, and (3) consider a Roth IRA conversion.

The QLS Difference

Minimize the taxes of the retirement plan; leaving greater assets for wealth transfer, philanthropy, and income

QLS offers you a: (1) tax efficient method of accessing your money from a qualified retirement plan, (2) a repositioning of taxable assets (outside qualified plans) into a tax-free growth position, and (3) a significant increase in the assets you pass on to family and retirement income.

Who Qualifies

Individuals with at least $1,000,000 of assets in qualified plans

Qualifications include an individual with at least an equal amount of assets outside the qualified plan. Also, the individual must be eligible for a new profit sharing plan, or to amend their current qualified plan, and the owner and/or spouse must be able to medically qualify for a life insurance policy.