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Stories from Independent Financial Professionals

learn how other advisors partner with lifepro to grow their life insurance and annuity business

"Personal income this year actually exceeded $4 million and I attribute 90% of my success to the support, the training and the continual guidance that I get from these folks. For anyone considering LifePro - or evaluating any other IMO - there is no other."Paul H.Texas

"[LifePro] always looks to provide the customized solution that I'm looking for for my client. And I think it really - not only hits the mark with me knowing that I'm finding the best thing out there for my clients - but it also really resonates with the clients that they know the depth that we put into the process of finding them the right solution."Ed M.California

"I had the privilege yesterday of spending three hours in your office...I have never seen an organization that does so much to support. There's a sign right there [that says,] "The Greatest Company of Its Kind in the World." It may be the only company of its kind in the world!" Norm LevineCalifornia

"I go out and meet people and get that information back to LifePro and they know what to do and help my clients. I would strongly recommend using them. They really made a difference in my life. They actually have changed my life." John W.California

"When you need help, you want someone to be there for you....The turnaround time I will tell you that I'm probably one of the people that love the fast turnaround time because I work in a fast-paced environment and often times doing things on the fly." Michelle M.California

"The staff here is wonderful! [They're] very professional people. They're on top of things. If you ask them to get something done, it gets done...And the best part about it is if there is a mistake, they step up to the plate and they're accountable for it." James J.