The Three Letter Solution to Finding the Right Product from the Right Carrier for the Right Client

Chief Marketing Officer, Ben Nevejans, was recently interviewed by Perspectives Magazine in their March/April 2014 edition. He discusses the need for top financial advisors to focus on the activities that bring in business and to not get bogged down with case management, underwriting follow up, case design, licensing, contracting, and so on. Below is an excerpt from the article:

Lynchpins to Success

“Marketing reps, and the IMOs and BGAs they represent, are the lynchpins in the success of the independent distribution channel,” states Ben Nevejans. “It is the marketing rep or ‘field support representative’ (FSR) that ensures the advisor has the right product from the right carrier for the right client. They make certain that the advisor is able to focus on the activities that bring in business without having to bog down their already understaffed offices with case management, underwriting follow up, case design, licensing and contracting, and so on.”

Nevejans points out that the field support representative channel is often a much more efficient approach for carriers. That’s because carriers who rely on FSRs no longer have to employ, house, train, and support a large salesforce.

“The Independent Distribution model is also more lucrative for the insurance advisor who now earns two to three times as much in commission as their captive predecessor,” he adds. “However, unless there is a way for the independent insurance advisor to stay connected with product, concept, support, and education, no business will transpire and the independent distribution channel crumples like a house of cards.”

And that is precisely what a Field Support Rep does—keeps producers connected and productive.

Concierge Support

Nevejans says his agency’s field support reps act as a “concierge” to their advisors. “The FSR is not only the first point of contact and relationship manager to our  customer, but they are also responsible for developing and maintaining new relationships with prospective customers,” he remarks. "In fact, they are probably the largest reason, out of all we provide, that more TOT level producers chose to work with LifePro than anywhere else."

At LifePro™, FSRs also serve on the front lines and offer a wide range of support. “In addition to directing traffic, they provide product advice, marketing help, lead generation expertise, and are available to troubleshoot when needed,” Nevejans describes. He says these professionals are the “eyes and ears” of the advisor, providing them with competitive analysis and powerful insights.

Oftentimes, these FSRs evaluate the potential of each unique advisor to determine the level of support they should receive. “Our top advisors have access to their FSR as well as high level leadership 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,” Nevejans adds.

Marketing Magic

According to Nevejans, advisors view a good marketing rep as a crucial member of their practice that they simply couldn't live without. “Essentially,” he says, “the field support representative has taken on the role of the career sales managers, holding the advisor accountable to themself and their clients while the IMO/ BGA provides the tools necessary for that advisor to be successful.”

Contact your Field Support Representatives (FSR) by phone at 888.543.3776 or via email at to stay connected, productive, and be successful in this industry.

About Dan Tatulli

Dan Tatulli is the Marketing Director at LifePro. He works with financial professionals on strategic marketing and branding campaigns to deliver relevant and timely content to their community.