Episode #117: The Million Dollar Diagram

Episode #117: The Million Dollar Diagram

Helping people build, protect, and transfer wealth since 1986, LifePro has seen it all when it comes to selling life insurance. There are certain steps to take with a client, specific words to use to steer the conversation, and an exact formula of materials to present within appointments. In this episode of Money Script Monday, Dan provides a precise blueprint on how to sell more and larger indexed universal life cases.


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Hello there, and welcome back to another episode of Money Script Monday.

My name is Dan Tatulli. And today, we're going to be talking about the million-dollar diagram.

Now, that's a very ambitious title but it's with this diagram, this formula that we've used to teach our advisors on how to sell indexed universal life.

This diagram has generated over $30.7 million in target premium and the average case size for our advisors has been $10,500.

With this formula, advisers are going out there on one-on-one appointments. They're going out there, they're presenting this in their seminar workshops.

This is their elevator pitch, this is their email campaigns, this is the videos that they're creating.

They're using this message to educate the public on indexed universal life. So, I'm very excited to be showing you and uncovering what we've been using over the last three and a half years.

With this, before we jump into it, it's really just sales 101.

What we're going to be doing is we're going to identify a problem that this specific market has.

We're going to agitate that problem, we're going to get them a little bit uncomfortable at times.

Then, we're going to provide a solution to that problem. And what we end off with is we need some type of call to action at the end of all of this.

Whether it's in a presentation or one-on-one, you need to move these people once they discover all of this information.

The way you do that is you provide them something of value, something proprietary that only you can offer.

Everybody else can offer IUL, but what do you offer that makes you different compared to any other advisor out there?

Really, I'm not going to go into box one. What I'd like to do is just talk about this real briefly, is that this is the call to action at the end of it.

We need to start with the end in mind and it's your personal wealth report, that's why we started here.

And what is it? If you don't know it, it's a custom IUL report that we can generate for your clients.

It's 20 pages. It goes over line by line, a yearly breakdown of what IUL can do for their retirement picture.

It gives a historical look back, all of these things. It's really great. I'll leave a link below this video that has that you can access that report right away.

It's with this that you're offering them your personal wealth report and then you ask them for that appointment there obviously. Right?

With that, let's get started on this.

Start with a story

If you think about any captivating presentation, any speaker that you fell in love with in history, they always start off with a story, something that hooks them.

how to escape the retirement tax trap

What we've created is the story about the top 25% of income wage earners.

The top 25% of income wage earners account for 86% of the tax revenue that's generated for the government.

Let me say that again, the top 25%, this quarter group account for 86% and pay 86% of the taxes in America.

They, this specific market, they have a tax problem.

What we've done is we just kind of opened their eyes say, "Okay, I want to hear more, I want to see more of what it is you're telling me?"

We moved that onto really the title, the topic of what we're discussing tonight, which is how to escape the retirement tax trap.

We split-tested this thing a hundred times, we use power words like escape and trap, all of those things that really gets them to peak their curiosity.

That's what we're talking about today. You open up with a story and then you say, "And that's why we're here tonight. What I'm going to be showing you is how to escape the retirement tax trap."

Identify the problem

Then we move on to really the meat of it all, the presentation and again, sales, sales one-on-one.

This is identifying the problem, agitating it a little bit, and then actually showing them the solution to that problem.

The problem we've hinted at that story there but there's really three big retirement risks that everyone is going to face within there.

3 biggest risks in retirement

First, we have the stock market.

We talk about the stock market volatility and the importance of moving some of those assets outside of the market due to the volatility as you approach retirement.

We then talk about longevity. People are living longer lives. They need that stable income for 20, 30, maybe even 40 years.

Then lastly, we spend the majority of our time talking about the income taxes and the problem that they have.

Now that we identified the problem then we go into agitating that.

Agitate the problem

By agitating, I mean we give them that common scenario of, "Hey, this is a problem, you're experiencing it, everybody is experiencing it."

That's when we talk about the common retirement vehicles.

Everybody has this problem, what are they using out there that solves this problem for them?

We start that off with painting that perfect scenario. We say client A, client B, if you were to create your own financial product and we go over all these features would you like risk?

Okay, no risk, we write that down.

Would you like guarantees within the product? You would. Okay. We write that down.

We bullet point a myriad of things, maybe 10 to 15 different features that they would like to see in a financial product.

Then what we've done is we've created an actual worksheet that has all of the other financial vehicles out there, so 401ks, IRAs, even annuities, a mortgage, all of these types of things where people fund their retirement.

What we do is, we break them down then. Okay.You wanted no risk. Guess what? This product gives you risk.

You wanted guarantees. This product doesn't give you guarantee.

We make them a little bit uncomfortable and kind of question then why are you using those products?

Then we off with, "Hey listen there is no perfect financial vehicle out there. But if we were able to provide you most of the things that you're asking for, would you be interested in such a thing?"

Provide a solution

Yes, you would, and that's where we lead in with the solution.

This is what we're labeling as the number one tax minimization retirement vehicle.

We go over the tax benefits of indexed universal life, the indexing. The zero is our hero there.

A case study. We'll show them real-world solutions of how to put the money in there and what that looks like 20, 30 years from now.

Social proof, we end off with real-life stories.

In fact, recently, the football coach Jim Harbaugh, he is the University of Michigan's football coach. He signed on a few years ago.

They actually put his salary into an indexed universal life policy where now he's been labeled the highest-paid football coach in America today.

He's the highest-paid and it's all because of indexed universal life. So, we use those stories to just kind of invigorate them to be interested in IUL and moving forward.

Call to Action

Lastly, so now you've got them interested in it, is it IUL that you're offering?

Yes, in some way but you're really ending off with that proprietary report, which is your personal wealth report.

your personal wealth report

You show them that, you show them some of the examples of what you can do for them and then you schedule that appointment.

That's what it's all about when you're in those seminars and appointments and stuff. You have to get them to move forward, to raise their hand, to be interested.

I hope you found this diagram to be very valuable. And really the fastest way that you can implement this.

Now that you know the formula, I have to type up all these emails, I have to record videos, I don't even know how to do that, you don't have to.

LifePro has actually done all of the work for you. We've created a seminar presentation using this diagram.

We've created the ads that you'll see on direct mail or Facebook, all of those things we've already created for you.

We've done 14 educational videos that speak about this in more detail, every single one of them is about five to eight minutes long.

That within this diagram, that's what we're doing.

We have automated email campaigns that we can set out on your behalf and we've created flyers that we can brand towards you.

All of this, you can have access to that. And how you get access to it?

You need to attend our two-day training event that's going on in San Diego here at the LifePro office.

There's one coming up, so I left a button below for you to click on that.

See when it's coming up, see if you're interested and fill in that form and a representative will get in touch with you to get that started.

There are even opportunities for us to pay for your flight and hotel for you to attend this training.

We want you here, we want you to be a part of that statistic that I opened up with. We want you to have that average case size of over $10,000.

I hope you guys found it to be valuable. I appreciate your time today and we'll see you next time.

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