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LifePro Producers Group

The pathway to a lucrative financial practice with a commitment to over-the-top service standards

Life Insurance and Annuity Agent Careers

Our success is based upon your success. With this in mind, it is our priority to provide you with the support you need as an independent financial professional so you can become as successful as you could have ever imagined.

Built by active member of MDRT and multi-time TOT recipient, Bill Zimmerman, the LifePro Producers Group stands for everything LifePro is about. Bill experienced first-hand what a financial advisor goes through and the struggles along the way as an independent. Support is needed to design cases and manage those cases through the sales cycle of getting approved. Higher commissions is a necessary to keep any financial practice alive. Marketing should be rewarded and reimbursed to advisors for their efforts. And the list goes on.

It's with this empathy that the LPG program remains to be the foundation for everything that LifePro offers to an independent financial advisor. 

If you are starting out within the business or have an extensive background within the financial sector, you will discover that the LPG program offers everything you need - from an elite product portfolio to over-the-top service standards. The benefits within the program are further proof that we genuinely want our advisors to grow as we grow, and build their business.

As we strive to provide you with an exceptional experience, you can expect a number of benefits to be given to you by becoming a LPG member.

As a LPG Member, You Receive:

  • Higher commissions
  • Preferred producer pricing on E&O insurance
  • Annuity bonus money
  • Production bonuses
  • Immediate access to top rated carriers
  • Industry trends & product recommendations
  • Marketing reimbursement
  • Illustrations & case designs
  • Ongoing training
  • Free LifePro gear
  • And much more!

Details of LPG Agreement:

  Enrollment Fee

  • $25 enrollment fee annually

  Target Premium Requirements

  • $25,000 of target premium
  • Regardless of carrier and/or product with LifePro Financial Services
  • Must be on a run rate to achieve your commitment within 60 days

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