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A Desire for More Support and Innovation

a bold idea from a determined man led to changing how the insurance industry does business

Bill Zimmerman, LifePro Financial Services

The year was 1967. This was the time that Founder and Chairman of LifePro Financial Services, Inc., Bill Zimmerman, began his illustrious career in the life insurance business. Things didn't come easy for Bill. His determination led him to become an expert in his field as he continued to grow his knowledge and stay informed on the latest and innovative solutions offered in the industry.

With little money for prospecting, Bill took it upon himself to create and duplicate cassette tapes that he would mail out to prospects in the surrounding areas. Once he was able to find someone interested in hearing what he had to say, he would invite them to his "office" - which was his garage that had a desk. It was there that every individual and family who had talked with Bill saw the true passion he had for life insurance. It wasn't just a sale for him. With every encounter, he knew that he was changing lives at one of the most pivotal times of people's lives.

As he wrote policies, Bill handled all of the paperwork; designing cases, managing them through the insurance carriers, and offering annual reviews. He worked with an Independent Marketing Organization (IMO) that had made a lot of bold claims and set high expectations, yet every time, they didn't deliver. Bill bounced around from IMOs to GMOs to GAs. And he noticed an underlining trend: every company would offer the world to him - with high comps and high-quality support - yet none of them were able to exceed, let alone meet, the expectations that they had set so high.

"I always envisioned LifePro for what it is today. I am humbled to lead such an amazing team and proud to deliver on the promises we make to our advisors and our insurance company partners."Bill ZimmermanFounder and Chairman
Bill Zimmerman, LifePro Financial Services

He knew that if he was able to release the burden that was holding him down - contracting, case design, case management, marketing - he would be much more efficient and able to do what he did best as a financial professional; servicing his clients. If he was able to have a company that can manage those tasks while he was out in the field, then he could double, triple, even quadruple the amount of production he had already been doing. Unfortunately, Bill wasn't able to find a company like that at the time.

Which leads us to 1986; the year LifePro was born. Bill took it upon himself to build an IMO that stands on integrity and does everything they say they were going to do - and a bit more. A company that doesn't focus on commissions, yet focuses on what is genuinely in the best interest for the end-consumer. "If there was a company," Bill states, "that can be easy to do business with and hold their advisors and insurance companies not as just another line in the sales sheet, but as a strategic partner, I knew the insurance industry would change for the better."

In its 30th year, LifePro has become the premier marketing organization. With its advanced case designs, robust training platform, and world-class marketing support, LifePro is now home to over 3,000 financial professionals nationwide. "I always envisioned LifePro for what it is today," Bill states. "I am humbled to lead such an amazing team and proud to deliver on the promises we make to our advisors and our insurance company partners."