LifePro University 2014: The Premier Sales and Marketing Event

With the fourth quarter right around the corner, we begin to reflect on 2014. What will you be saying at the end of the year? Has your profitability gone up as compared to other years? If so, was it as much as you expected it would be?

No matter what your answer may be, the best thing is that 2014 is NOT over yet! As far as we’re concerned, it really just began. As statistics show, 40% of all life insurance and annuities sales will happen within the fourth quarter. Think about that for a moment. Wherever you are today, almost half of your sales will be happening within these next few months.

But it doesn’t just come by luck – or by sitting back and hoping. It comes by continually expanding your knowledge in the industry and staying ahead of your competitors at all times. It means not slowing down in the fourth quarter as holidays approach, but to continue and work as hard as you can. Only then will you see the results you’re looking for. And that’s what LifePro University, The Premier Sales and Marketing Event for Independent Financial Advisors, is all about.

Please click on the video below to watch a sneak peak into what’s in store at LifePro University 2014!

This event was strategically designed to be the official kickoff to the fourth quarter of the life insurance and annuity industry. For one full day on Thursday, September 11th, in Del Mar, California, you have the ability to sit in the room with 300 other independent financial advisors from around the country and discover what new sales and marketing strategies are taking over the insurance industry as we know it.

Every single year, LifePro events have consistently grown not only by attendance, but by the level of quality you receive. You can rest assure that this is NOT a recruiting event by any means! You’re going to experience a level of energy and passion that is only felt at a LifePro event.

Sales and Marketing Strategies for the 21st Century

It’s one thing to show you the strategies that are working, but at this year’s LPU, we have given the stage to the advisors themselves. You will hear from panel after panel of elite advisors of how they go about implementing these strategies and exactly what their step-by-step process is to success. From college planning to self-financed insurance to Social Security maximization, you will walk away with real action steps that you can begin to implement right away.

Unlimited Possibilities to Network

One of the best things previous attendees have said about LPU is its ability to bring in some of the most elite advisors from around the country together in one room. Everyone is just so open about their business and freely share ideas that are working for them. Many of LifePro’s best partnerships have been created and sustained at this event.

The Next Step: Action

Have you registered for this year’s LifePro University yet? With just a few weeks away, we are reaching near full capacity! The extensive event will be held in Del Mar, California, on Thursday, September 11th. The cost for attending is $99.95, but LifePro is currently offering scholarships so you can attend this event for free.

We’ll see you at LPU 2014!

About Dan Tatulli

Dan Tatulli is the Marketing Director at LifePro. He works with financial professionals on strategic marketing and branding campaigns to deliver relevant and timely content to their community.


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